General Information


How do I join Blithe?
Click the “Apply” button on this website to get to our Discord; read the rules, and fill-out an “Application-Ticket”.

What does a “Semi-Vanilla Server'' mean?
We try to keep Blithe as true to standard Minecraft as possible; only using small enhancements that improve the multiplayer experience.
Including; Single-player sleep, Proximity chat, Armor-stand editor, and Additional heads.

What does “Mature Community'' mean?
We host an adult-like atmosphere that may not be suitable for younger players.
Swearing is not encouraged but is still allowed, along with a more relaxed approach to chat content.

What gamerules are on?
“Firespread” and “Keep Inventory” are off.
PvP is enabled but is considered consent-based only. (We are not an anarchy server.)
The difficulty is set to “Hard”.

Where are the players from?
Even though we maintain an “English-Only” chat; we are open to players from all around the world to join and share their creativity.

What is the server ip?


Can I destroy/raid bases of people that left/got banned?

No this is not allowed.

Can you use Litematica?
Yes! It is also available in our modpack! Find our modpack here!
How can I get a shop?

Find a online staff member and ask them for a plot they will assist you. If no one is online make a support ticket.

Do we have proximity chat?

Yes! We use Simple voice chat! Just like they do in Hermitcraft! It is included in our modpack here or you can download it here.

How much does the Server cost per Month?


Render distance?


What are the Server Specs?

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X - 8c/16t - 3.8 GHz/4.7 GHz
RAM: 64 GB ECC 2666 MHz
Data disks: 2×960 GB SSD NVMe
Expansion cards: Soft RAID

Where is the Server Hosted?


How far is the World Border?

Survival world border: 12,000
Creative World Border: 7500
Last Life World Border: 500

Blithe Logo with swords


Here at Blithe, we encourage creativity; mega-bases, player shops, minigames, group builds, redstone projects, cityscapes, or anything else. If you can dream it we want to see it!


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