To Preface

Common sense should be used to decipher what's right or wrong in specific situations. With that being said Staff reserve the right to punish any player when they deem the player deserves it regardless of the situation.
These rules are meant to be taken more as guidelines that cover general scenarios.

General Rules

Rule #1

- Hate speech, and the use of slurs will result in an automatic ban
- Political discussion and advertising of other servers are not welcome
- Pranks or jokes of any kind as well as PVP, is consent based only
- We ask that you build at least 500 blocks from spawn and 200 from other players
- No griefing, raiding or stealing from any player’s builds

Rule #2

- Global Chat is strictly English only
- Spamming in chat and asking about issues with other players is not allowed
- Using Discord channels, dms to Staff, and using acquaintances to inquire about player’s punishments are not tolerated
- Questions can be brought up in a Support ticket by the player that received the punishment

Rule #3

The breaking of these rules will result in temp bans, and in repeat offenses, perm bans
- Exploiting unintended game mechanics or 3rd party modifications are not permitted
- Duping of any kind, except for TNT dupes, is not condoned on the server
- Any Hacks, Mods, and Resource packs that alter your vanilla experience or give you an unfair advantage are not allowed
- Afk fishing will not be tolerated. However, Afk clicking is allowed

Rule #4

- No chunk loaders and/or lag machines. Intentional entity cramming will be considered malicious, even if unintended we ask that you don't keep mobs in small spaces where they can die from cramming
- Villager halls must be at least 6 chunks away from other trading halls, and have no more than 48 villagers per hall.
- on/off switches are to be on all mob farms
- Staff reserve the right to ask any player to move, redesign, or remove builds that do not follow the listed rules above

Rule #5

- If you need assistance with any of the rules ask staff ingame or to open a support ticket on discord. Do not ping or dm staff members
- We ask that you show your understanding and acceptance of these rules by including the word ‘recusandae’ at the end of your application

Shop Rules

Rule #1

To buy a shop plot contact an online Staff Member if no Staff are online open a support-ticket.To claim a plot; clearly mark out the area you want and label it with your IGN. (Provided it is within the shopping area and it hasn’t already been claimed.)Plots are sold as 1 Chunk which is a 16x16 square or 256 Blocks.Each plot costs 48 Diamonds.You may own multiple plots. However we ask that you only buy what you need.Staff reserve the right to step-in if players are being unreasonable with plot requests.

Rule #2

After purchasing a plot you must begin building a shop within 2 weeks. If you are inactive for 2 weeks your shop will be removed and the contents stored for you. Shops have no size limits within a purchased area. (So you can combine multiple plots.) All shops must have a sign in front with your name on it to show you own it. When building a shop we expect players to put effort into their build. Staff reserve the right to ask players to rebuild their shop if it is blatantly ugly or has little effort  put into it. We ask that players keep in mind a road system for the area and attach a path entrance to the front of their shops.

Rule #3

When trying to get your shop contents back after inactivity, message an online Staff member. If no Staff are online open a support-ticket.

Rule #4

If you do not build your shop after 2 weeks or are inactive for 2 weeks; your plot will go up for silent auction. All players on the server can bid in auctions, including the previous owner. In the event that a plot is not bid on it will return to an open space. If you win an auction you have 1 week to complete your new shop.

Staff reserve the right to remove players plots if their shop does not comply with Shop or Server Rules.

We encourage creativity and are excited to see what our community can create for our shopping district!

Join our discord and create a ticket in the Apply here channel to finish applying!

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