To Preface

Our rules are to be taken as guidelines.
We expect players to have common sense.
Staff reserve the right to punish any player.

General Rules


- No hate speech or slurs.
- No political discussion.
- No advertising of other servers.
- No griefing or raiding of other player’s builds.
- Pranks, jokes and PVP are consent based only.


- Global Chat is strictly English only.
- No spamming.
- No complaining or discussing issues in Global Chat.
- No inquiring about player punishments.
- No obscene Nicknames.


- No exploiting unintended game mechanics.
- No 3rd party modifications.
- No duping (Except for TNT).
- No Hacks, Mods, or Resource packs that give unfair advantages.
- No AFK fishing (AFK clicking is allowed).


- No chunk loaders or lag machines.
- No intentional entity cramming.
- Villager halls must be at least 6 chunks away from another Villager hall.
- Villager halls must have no more than 48 villagers.
- All mob farms must have on/off switches.


- Staff will ask players to move, redesign, or remove builds that are not in compliance.
- Do not ping or DM staff members.
- If you need Staff; ask ingame or open a Support-Ticket.
- Punishments can only be discussed in a Support
-Ticket by the player who received it.

Shop Rules


- Shops are sold as a 16x16 plot for 32 Diamonds.
- You may own multiple plots (within reason).
- Multiple plots can be connected.


- Clearly mark out your desired plot, including your IGN.
- Contact Staff ingame to purchase your plot.
- If no Staff are ingame; open a support-ticket.


- After purchasing a plot you have 2 weeks to begin building a shop.
- Shops must look appealing and be designed with path locations in mind.
- Shops must be clearly labeled with your IGN.


- After purchasing a plot you have 4 weeks to start selling at least 1 product.
- All products must have a price listed with them.
- Multiple plot owners must sell at least more than 2 products.

Rule #5

- Empty plots and shops will be removed after the allocated times.
- If a player is inactive for 1 month, without notice, their shop will be removed.
- Players will be contacted before the removal of their shops.

Staff reserve the right to remove players plots if their shop does not comply with Shop or Server Rules. Keyword is "Recusandae".

We encourage creativity and are excited to see what our community can create for our shopping district!

Join our discord and create a ticket in the #Apply here channel to finish applying!

Join our Discord Here!

To Preface..

Welcome to Blithe’s very own Last Life event! If you have no idea what this is; it’s a game created by Grian, a Content Creator mostly known on Youtube as a Hermit-Crafter. You can learn about the game “Last Life” (or “Third Life” as the first season was called)
Below is a list of rules for playing the game. Disregarding these rules will result in your removal from the game, so ensure you read them carefully! (Ask Staff for clarification if you do not know whether something is against the rules or not.)

General Rules for Last Life

The Basics

- The overall aim is to be the last player standing.
- At the start of each season, each player is randomly assigned an amount of lives up to 6.
- These lives are tradable with /givelife (player name).
- Players with any amount of lives can team up, but do not have too.
- Player bases should be visible from above ground to increase interaction through the  sessions.

Reds & Boogeymen

- Once a player gets down to their last life, their name turns red and they become hostile.   Hostile meaning:   PvP, setting traps, stealing or griefing.
- There is also a boogeyman, secret killer assigned each week randomly at the start of   each session. The   boogeyman's aim is to kill someone before the session is over, if the   boogeyman fails, they'll get put into their   last life.

Player Interactions

- Players with lives between 2 - 6 can only PvP players who steal from them, or red or   boogeymen who initiate   PvP with them.
- Players with lives between 2 - 6 are allowed to only trap their own bases and steal from   others.
- Regardless of the amount of lives you have if you are to steal grief PvP or setting traps The   player has to be   online. Do not target any offline players/bases.

Blithe Logo with swords


Here at Blithe, we encourage creativity; mega-bases, player shops, minigames, group builds, redstone projects, cityscapes, or anything else. If you can dream it we want to see it!


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