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Welcome to Blithe!
We are a Whitlisted 1.17+ Hermitcraft-like survival server with a fun! Interactive! and Mature community!
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About Blithe

Survival Server

We are a semi-vanilla survival server enhanced with; an armor-stand editor, proximity chat, mini-blocks, and other plugins that give players the closest gameplay experiences to that of  Hermitcraft. Most other plugins used are for moderation and lag efficiency like Core Protect which help keep our community a safe and friendly place this means there are no plugins that drastically alter the vanilla experience such as; /landclaim, /sethome, or /tpask /tpahere.
Here at Blithe we encourage creativity; mega-bases, player shops, minigames, group builds, redstone projects, cityscapes, or anything else. If you can dream it we want to see it!
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Coffee shop

Creative Server

We also host a creative server which is ideal for creating anything you can imagine with the additional help of world edit tools!

Creative world Build showcase